The Moon

The Moon is our constant companion in the Solar System and the only place in the universe where humans have visited. Despite this, there's still much to discover about our closest neighbour.

Moon facts and trivia

How was the Moon formed?

How far away is the Moon?

When is the next Full Moon?

What happens during a lunar eclipse?


History of the Apollo Moon landings

The missions before the Moon landing

How many people have walked on the Moon?

The strange things humans have left on the Moon

Why did we stop going to the Moon?

Moon landing conspiracy theories: debunked


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Color-Full Moon © Nicolas Lefaudeux

Do we really need the Moon in the night sky? What is its actual purpose?

A Titanium Moon © Miguel Claro

Check the dates for every full Moon throughout the year, and learn about lunar phases, 'supermoons' and more below.

Apollo 11 moon footprint

The Moon landings were faked. Apollo 11 didn't happen. Humans never set foot on the Moon. Heard all this before?

Le Voyage Dans la Lune

The Moon has been a destination in the human imagination long before we could travel there, from the 'first science fiction narrative' by Lucian of Samosata in the 2nd century CE to the sci-fi movies of the early 20th century. 

Apollo 10 command module

Used for communication in crewed spaceflights, spacecraft call signs have interesting histories.

Apollo 14 Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. assembles equipment on the lunar surface in Feburary 1971.jpg

The first crewed lunar landing in 1969 was a historic triumph for the USA and humankind. Including the Apollo 11 mission, 12 men have walked on the Moon. But who were they?