There's so much to explore at Royal Observatory Greenwich, from historic objects, to cutting edge astronomy.

A family plays on the Prime Meridian Line in front of the historic buildings of the Royal Observatory

Stand on the historic Prime Meridian Line

Place one foot in the west and one in the east at the Prime Meridian of the world. Learn all about Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and how Greenwich came to be the home of time.

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Marvel at one of the UK's largest telescopes

The Great Equatorial Telescope is the largest of its kind in the UK. 

Anyone visiting Greenwich can see the telescope's distinctive 'onion dome' roof when they look up the hill towards the Royal Observatory. But to truly appreciate the scale of the Great Equatorial Telescope, you have to step inside...

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People watching planetarium show

Get to know the stars in the Peter Harrison Planetarium

Get up close and personal with the stars in one of our planetarium shows led by one of our expert astronomers. Please note that shows are not included with entry to the historic Observatory - find times, tickets and prices for all our shows here.

Download the brand new audio guide

A woman holds her phone as she listens to the Royal Observatory audio tour, with the Observatory buildings in the background

Follow the tour on your phone! We're partnering with Smartify, the world's most downloaded museum app, to bring you this brand new way to explore the Royal Observatory. Simply download the app to begin.

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A women wearing blue surgical gloves makes adjustments to a historic clock face as part of conservation work at the Royal Observatory

Make time for the Octagon Room

The Octagon Room is the oldest part of the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

It was commissioned by King Charles II, designed by famed architect Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1676.

Astronomical instruments and clock line the walls and windows, just as they would have been in the Observatory's early years.

Enjoy the best view in London

A Unesco World Heritage site in front, the towers of Canary Wharf behind and the snaking River Thames beyond – surely this view is worth the trip alone? Look to the left towards central London and see if you can spy the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral and more.

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Tell the time using the Shepherd clock

Accurately tell the time with this Shepherd Gate Clock, the first to ever show Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to the public. 

Visit the world famous Harrison clocks

Learn about John Harrison’s epic race to solve the problem of Longitude and admire the craftsmanship of the world famous Harrison timekeepers, including H1, H2, H3 and H4.

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Wonder at Airy’s Transit Circle

Visit the telescope that determined the exact location of the Prime Meridian.

Visit Flamsteed House

The gracious apartments of Flamsteed House are where the Astronomers Royal lived and worked. Careful observation combined with intimate family life for these astronomers – proof that working from home is nothing new.

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A father and son play on the Prime Meridian Line outside the historic Flamsteed House building of the Royal Observatory

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A brother and sister with their back to the camera look out from the viewpoint at the top of Greenwich Park towards historic Greenwich

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