Family trails at the National Maritime Museum

Explore the National Maritime Museum together! 

Family Trails

Come and choose a family trail to help you explore the National Maritime Museum together. Each trail will help guide you around a different gallery, searching for objects, people and stories.

Will you discover something new to you? Or will you be inspired to revisit your favourite object?

Pick up your trail from the Play and Explore trolley on the Great Map. With trails accessible to all abilities, there's something for everyone!

Donations welcome.

Traders Gallery 

PDF icon Exchange

Nelson, Navy, Nation Gallery 

PDF icon Investigate

Maritime London Gallery

PDF icon Explore

Tudor and Stuart Seafarer's Gallery

PDF icon Encounter

Sea Things Gallery

PDF icon Discover

Pacific Encounters Gallery

PDF icon Navigate

Polar World Gallery

PDF icon Survive

Sensory Explorers

For families wanting a sensory exploration of the Museum, borrow a Sensory Explorer kit from the Play and Explore trolley and take your family on a hands-on journey around the galleries.

This kit is available for all visitors and is particularly suitable for early years and special educational needs and disability families. It was created with the help of local families.

Speak to a member of staff for more information.

sensory explorer kit

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