Youth Collective

Join a diverse team of young people aged 16-24 at the National Maritime Museum working to produce and deliver creative festivals, events, talks and drop in workshops on behalf of the museum during the summer.

Joining the Youth Collective at the National Maritime Museum will offer you the chance to:

  1. Work alongside a range of different artists, curators, practitioners and cultural leaders
  2. Create and plan innovative projects, events and career-driven workshops. 
  3. Add invaluable skills to your CV
  4. Be part of a creative group of young people working towards making positive creative changes in our communities
  5. Get connected to a network of opportunities for working in the cultural sector
  6. Gain a platform to launch your ideas


No experience is required. We want 16-24 year olds who are interested in gaining creative skills to improve opportunities for young people in the museum sector.

How do I get involved?

The Youth Collective meet every 2 weeks at the National Maritime Museum. For more information on how to get involved email call +44 (0)208 312 8528