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Visitor notice: Royal Museums Greenwich will be closed from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December in line with government guidelines. If you have booked a ticket for this period please contact out more

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Family fun

A safe space for local LGBTQ+ families to meet one another, get involved in creative activities for all ages and explore the stories within the collection.

As part of our regular LGBTQ+ programming throughout the year, the National Maritime Museum hosts a space for LGBTQ+ families to meet and get creative bi-monthly.

Upcoming dates

Saturday 21 November, 10am - 11am (Zoom session)

The session is called 'Under the Sea' and we will be playing a game of Ocean Bingo and then moving our bodies with some easy-to-follow instructions - suitable for baby sharks and grown-up sharks too! (no experience required). 

We will be taking inspiration from our oceans – finding different ways to make shapes, travel across the room, and to perform together.  

Please RSVP via , at which point your family's place will be confirmed and details of how to join the session will be shared with you. See below for more information. Please note that this is a private session for the LGBTQ+ Family Network. 


To find out more about the Family Network email or request to join the Facebook Group, Royal Museums Greenwich LGBTQ+ Families. 

Please note that to join the group you will need to answer three basic questions. These help us to maintain the safety of the space. The information will not be shared or stored.

Important information

  • Online sessions will be held via Zoom. This application is not affiliated with the museum. We have staff monitoring every session and will eject participants behaving inappropriately. We advise that you take the time to read the terms and conditions on Zooms website for your own information and safety.

How do I join a live online workshop?

  1. RSVP to Katie, the Family Programmes Producer, using the email above.
  2. You will receive an email confirming your place on the online session. The email will contain a link and password to the prescheduled workshop.
  3. When it is time for the session, click the link on your email. This will take you to your chosen event which is being hosted through an application called Zoom. You will be asked for your meeting ID and Password. These should come up automatically, but if not they can be found on your original email.
  4. Once you’re in the workshop, you will be asked to choose to connect audio in three different ways. We recommend using computer audio.
  5. If you sign in before the workshop begins you will be asked to wait in a virtual waiting room.
  6. When you join the session please have your camera on. This allows staff to ensure all participants are expected. 
  7. When the workshop begins you can choose to have your video on or off. We will only interact with participants who have their camera on. If you do not want to be interacted with please switch off your camera.
  8. When the session starts, have your camera pointing at eye level and your microphone on mute. You can control your microphone and video on the bottom of the Zoom page.
  9. The facilitator will ask questions and if you would like to answer a question, the host will unmute your microphone for you to talk directly to them. Please note that you are in a session with many other participants, so be considerate of others.
  10. There is a chat room attached to the workshop room. Please use this for technical questions such as my audio is not working etc. Our host will assist you as best as they can.
  11. If you are planning to keep your video on please be mindful of what’s behind you. Think about having a solid wall behind you or turning on the virtual background if you would like some privacy.
  12. These sessions are monitored at all times. Any behaviour deemed to be inappropriate will result in participants being removed from the session and being reported to the appropriate authorities where necessary.
  13. We support independent learning for children but we hold the safety and well-being of children in higher regard. Therefore we ask that an adult is present when children are partaking.
  14. Your host will inform you when the session is finished. When you have finished, close your tab and sign out of Zoom if you signed in at the beginning.