Pigott Family Gallery: Tudor and Stuart Seafarers

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National Maritime Museum

Discover Britain’s emergence as a maritime nation through key events and personalities of the 16th and 17th centuries.



Through 130 objects from the Museum’s rich early modern collections, experience a compelling story of exploration, encounter, adventure, power, wealth and conflict. Topics include the growth of global trade, the Spanish Armada and pirates and privateers which will be brought to life through a variety of personalities, both familiar and unfamiliar.

  • Experience the lives of both ordinary seamen and well-known characters, such as Christopher Columbus, 'Blackbeard', Elizabeth I, Francis Drake and Samuel Pepys.
  • Hear stories of the exploration and colonisation of the ‘New Worlds’ and the devastating impact this had on the indigenous communities who lived there.
  • Discover the ferocity of early-modern naval warfare through the conflicts with the Spanish Armada and the Dutch.
  • See over 120 objects from the Museum’s unrivalled collection, including navigational instruments, such as astrolabes, compasses and telescopes.

Four new galleries

The Pigott Family Gallery: Tudor and Stuart Seafarers is one of four new galleries that opened in September 2018. The other three are:

Sea Things

Sackler Gallery: Pacific Encounters

Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Gallery: Polar Worlds