A close up image of the surface of the sun

Liquid Sunshine

by Alexandra Hart 

Winner of the Our Sun category

"This stunning and confident photograph is whimsically abstract while also being satisfyingly educational. It's what I love about astrophotography and, in particular, this competition."

- Ed Robinson, award-winning photographer, creative director and visual consultant. Founder of OneRedEye Visual Communications

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OS-63513-3_Runner-Up_145 Seconds of Darkness © Filip Ogorzelski.jpg

145 Seconds of Darkness

by Filip Ogorzelski

Runner up

"One thing you often notice during an eclipse is how quiet everything becomes. Solar eclipses are calm, serene moments. This stripped-back image captures that serenity perfectly. The calm glow behind the silhouetted hills is all that is needed."

- Steve Marsh, Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine

OS-43013-3_Highly Commended_Ultraviolet © Alan Friedman.jpg


by Alan Friedman

Highly commended

"The symmetry of this image is fascinating and the unusual but exciting ultraviolet colour palette adds a unique twist to it. This is a nice example showing that the extraordinarily calm Sun surface, that might be a monotonous scene, can also be captured artistically and to an outstanding standard."

- László Francsics, Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 Overall Winner

OS-2991-7_No Earthly Hedgerow © Paul Andrew.jpg

No Earthly Hedgerow

by Paul Andrew 

OS-3162-1_Total Solar Eclipse, Venus and the Red Giant Betelgeuse © Sebastian Voltmer.jpg

Total Solar Eclipse, Venus and the Red Giant Betelgeuse

by Sebastian Voltmer

OS-5511-53_The Art of the Chromosphere Magnetic Field Lines © Gabriel Octavian Corban.jpg

The Art of the Chromosphere Magnetic Field Lines

by Gabriel Octavian Corban 

OS-13072-3_Bridging the Light Fantastic © Alastair Woodward.jpg

Bridging the Light Fantastic

© Alastair Woodward (Sky-Watcher Evostar 120 Achromat Refractor telescope at f/35, DayStar QUARK Chromosphere filter, Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro GOTO mount, FLIR Blackfly (IMX249) camera, 700 x 1/40-second exposures)

OS-22143-19_Annular Solar Eclipse and Baily_s Beads © Letian Wang.jpg

Annular Solar Eclipse and Bailys Beads

by Letian Wang 

OS-29105-21_Eruption... © Łukasz Sujka.jpg


by Łukasz Sujka 

OS-85941-15_Sunspots AR 2741 and AR 2740 © Ruslan Ilnitsky.jpg

Sunspots AR 2741 and AR 2740

by Ruslan Ilnitsky 

OS-89648-14_Transit of Mercury © Premjith Narayanan.jpg

Transit of Mercury

by Premjith Narayanan