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Publish date: 3 October 2019

2020 is an exciting year for Royal Museums Greenwich, with two major exhibitions and a number of events taking place throughout the year. The National Maritime Museum, in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, will host the major exhibition Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits. The exhibition will display over 150 portraits of five royal dynasties, that shaped British history and feature some of the most important artists to have worked in Britain, from Sir Peter Lely and Sir Godfrey Kneller to Cecil Beaton and Annie Leibovitz. In February the Queen’s House, in partnership with Woburn Abbey, will see the opening of Woburn Treasures, which will showcase a variety of major art works from the private art collection of The Duke and Duchess of Bedford. The mesmerising Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition will return to the National Maritime Museum in September, displaying another year of breathtaking space images. 

Publish date: 13 September 2019

Hungarian photographer László Francsics wins the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s title of Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019. As well as securing the £10,000 top prize, his image takes pride of place in the exhibition of winning photographs opening at the National Maritime Museum on 13 September 2019.

Publish date: 5 September 2019

Private art collection of The Duke and Duchess of Bedford to be shown in London for first time in over 60 years

Publish date: 12 July 2019

To mark the opening of the major exhibition, The Moon (19 July 2019 – 5 January 2020), the National Maritime Museum in London is asking people across the UK to share their personal memories about one of the objects set to go on display – real pieces of Moon rock brought to Earth by the Apollo 11 crew, 50 years ago. 

Publish date: 12 July 2019

On 23 August 2019, The National Maritime Museum will mark UNESCO International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition with a day of emotive workshops, performances and talks. 

Publish date: 18 June 2019

The spectacular Milky Way over the picturesque Bavarian mountain, Herzogstand, a colourful explosion of the Southern Lights at the east coast of Tasmania, the remarkable Horsehead Nebula and the Flame Nebula, a vast cloud of gas and dust where new stars are being born; the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 has once more received thousands of outstanding images. The competition, which is run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, sponsored by Insight Investment and in association with BBC Sky at Night Magazine, is now in its eleventh year and has broken the record number of entries once more, receiving over 4,600 entries from enthusiastic amateurs and professional photographers, taken from 90 countries across the globe. 

Publish date: 5 June 2019

Sir Charles Dunstone, Chair of Royal Museums Greenwich Trustees, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paddy Rodgers as Director, Royal Museums Greenwich in succession to Kevin Fewster. Paddy takes up the new post in August 2019.  

Publish date: 4 June 2019

On 8 June 2019, the National Maritime Museum (NMM) is celebrating World Oceans Day with a family festival designed to raise awareness of the ocean, connect people worldwide and inspire continuing action year-round to protect and restore our oceans.

Publish date: 4 April 2019

To celebrate 50 years since NASA’s Apollo 11 mission landed the first humans on the Moon, the National Maritime Museum (NMM) stages The Moon, the UK’s biggest exhibition dedicated to Earth’s nearest celestial neighbour – opening on 19 July 2019. 

Publish date: 1 February 2019

The world’s only surviving tea-clipper; the Cutty Sark celebrates turning 150 this year.  The iconic, historic sailing ship and fastest of its time is now an award-winning visitor attraction in Greenwich, London. The 1st February 2019 marks the start of a year-long programme of events and celebrations that will be taking place at the Cutty Sark, starting from marking the anniversary of the signing of the contact to commence the build on 1st Feb to its launch on 22 November 1869 to the ship’s first official voyage on 16 February 1870. On its first voyage, Cutty Sark carried ‘large amounts of wine, spirits and beer’, and came back from Shanghai loaded with 1.3 million pounds of tea.