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Britain in India, 1765-1905 / editors, John Marriott, Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay ; advisory editor, Partha Chatterjee. This is a six-volume collection of facsimile materials and comment relating to British rule in India, concentrating mainly on Bengal, following the East India Company's assumption of de facto power there in 1757. Volume 1 deals with the police and civil and criminal justice system. Penal legislation is covered along with a penal code prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners. There is a section on the Sonthal (or Santhal) Rebellion of the 1850s (also known as Santhal Hool or Hul). This was one of the major popular uprisings against the colonial state and their policies. Volume 2 deals with land revenue and trade, the Company's main source of revenue. There is an examination of the conditions and organization imposed on the agrarian economy of Bengal by the process of colonialism. The Tenancy Bills and various regulations relating to reform of the land revenue system are reproduced. There is also a section on the Indigo rebellion of 1860 which led to violent confrontations between the indigo planters and the colonial state. Volume 3 deals with education and colonial knowledge. There are reports of commissions and other bodies which examined the provision and development of education, in particular the foundation of a civil service college at Fort William. Volume 4 covers cultural and social interventions; it was deemed necessary to use civil law to reform local customs and practices in order to reduce distrust and corruption. The outlawing of the practice of suttee is covered. Volume 5 covers sovereignty and governance; it contains a selection of documents which aimed to unify the governance of India and transform it into 'British India'. Volume 6 deals with the public realm. It contains material on initiatives undertaken by the Company and the colonial state to address the problems of public health and famine. Volume 6 also contains an index to the facsimile texts in all 6 volumes. 2006. • BOOK • 6 copies available. 954(42)