Map of the Moon

100 inch reproduction in 25 sheets of Hugh Percy Wilkins' 300 inch Map of the Moon, with title page and index. This is the printed 3rd edition of 1951, in an impression that includes additional details discovered in April 1952 with a 33 inch Meudon Refractor. Orthographic projection at mean libration at a scale of 21.6 miles per inch. Includes two libratory sections.

This edition was based on the drawings of the 1946 edition (NMM copy at ZBA4447), which were compiled from "the finest photographs, drawings by the most current observers and as a result of personal observations commening in 1909, with telescopes of various apertures, but chiefly with a 12 1/2 in reflector", and based on the measurements of S.A. Saunders and J. Franz. The index sheet of this edition was compiled by P.A. Moore FRAS.

The work is dedicated "To the advancement of Selenography and to the immortal memory of Mayer, Schroeter, Lohrmann, Madler, Schmidt, Neison, Elger, Goodacre, Pickering and all the selenographers who by their labour in teh past have advanced our knowledge."

Wilkins was a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Director of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association. His map of the moon was the most produced before the Space Age.

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