Learning at The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre

Our specialist Primary and Secondary school workshops use objects for evidence-based learning and enquiry work in a rarely seen behind the scenes working Museum environment. The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre is a true working environment, where art, science, technology and humanities collide and are applied. 

Set in the heart of this state of the art facility is our learning department with modern classroom and seminar spaces designed to support STEM and Humanities based learning offering unrivalled opportunities to explore and understand objects as never before from a cultural, material and analytical perspective.

Our school programmes support pupils to use our collections to build scientific investigation skills, visual literacy, critical thinking, historical enquiry and language skills. We invite pupils to use their imagination and activate their curiosity to ask questions, create stories, play and take a really close look at the things around us.

Our Programmes

PDF icon Guide to Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre schools programmes 

Primary School Programmes

Working scientifically

The Mystery Story Store

Discovering my World

Secondary School Programmes 

Globes, Maps and how we see the world

Data objects and environment

The Art and Science of conservation

Behind the scenes: discovering careers in the arts and heritage industry

Go on a tour

Open to all ages, the Prince Phillip Maritime Collections Centre tours run every Thursday, and offer a behind the scenes look at a state of the art collections centre. 

Prince Phillip Maritime Collections Centre Tours