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Cutty Sark
Price Adult from £41 | Child (10-15) from £26 | Under 25/Student from £31

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For the first time since arriving in Greenwich in 1954, visitors to Cutty Sark can climb the famous ship's masts and enjoy views of the Thames and London like no other.

We’re partnering with urban adventure company Wire & Sky to bring this unique experience to Greenwich.

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“A thrilling way to experience our maritime history”

BBC London
Two people climb the rigging of historic ship Cutty Sark

Going up

Starting with a briefing underneath the ship’s beautiful hull, those brave enough to take on the challenge step up from the Main Deck on to the ship’s 'ratlines' (rope ladders).

From here you can make your way up into the rigging, just as hundreds of sailors did during Cutty Sark’s long and fabled career at sea.

When you reach the 'Tops Platform', take a breath and drink in the view while looking down on a true London icon. If you've booked a Plus experience, the next stage will take you even higher... 

A man hangs from the rigging of Cutty Sark before taking a zip line back to street level. The River Thames is below

Going down

A controlled descent will take you from the lofty heights of the rigging straight down to street level.

You can then join up with friends and family and continue your Cutty Sark adventure, as your rig climb ticket includes free access to all areas of the ship.

Find your level

There are two different Rig Climb experiences available at Cutty Sark. Will you choose the regular Rig Climb, or take on the extra challenge of the Rig Climb Experience Plus? Tap the arrows to see what each experience involves. Remember all tickets also include entry to the ship.

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The Rig Climb Experience

Step on to the rails running along the side of the main deck, hold on to the shrouds (ropes) and climb up the ship’s ratlines (rope ladders). This climb will take you to the Tops Platform (pictured) slightly above the ship’s Course Yard (the lowest horizontal spar on Cutty Sark). You will then have a controlled descent from the platform down to street level.

Adult from £41 | Child from £26 | Student from £31

Experience Plus

Take your experience to the next level! Once you reach the Tops platform, the Plus experience takes you slightly higher up and out on to the Lower Topsail Yard (pictured). You will then climb back down to the zip line to make your controlled descent. Please note there is limited availability per time slot for this experience: we strongly recommend you pre-book in advance.

Adult from £51 | Child from £36 | Student from £41

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Important information

Please check these details carefully before booking. All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Tickets and Opening

Adult from £41
Child from £26
Student  from £31

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Open from 2 April


  • Greenwich Station
  • Cutty Sark DLR
  • Maze Hill Station
  • Greenwich Pier
A man and a woman walk hand in hand along the main deck of historic ship Cutty Sark

Set sail for Greenwich

Visit Cutty Sark, the celebrated historic sailing ship and fastest of its time

Cutty Sark Rig Climb prices in full

Ticket type Rig Climb Experience
(off peak)
Rig Climb Experience
Experience Plus
(off peak)
Experience Plus
Adult £41 £46 £51 £56
Under 25/Student £31 £36 £41 £46
£26 £31 £36 £41
Member (adult) £20 £24 £30 £34
Member (under 25) £17 £21 £27 £31
Member (child) £14.50 £18.50 £24.50 £28.50

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A photography looking up at the rigging of sailing ship Cutty Sark. A man wearing a helmet and harness is standing in the ropes looking down at the photographer


Cutty Sark Rig Climb

  • Unique climbing experience
  • Zip line descent
  • Entry to ship included
  • Restrictions apply - check T&Cs before purchase
  Regular Plus
Adult from £41 from £51
Child from £26 from £36
Student from £31 from £41
A man hold on to one of the 'yards' on Cutty Sark. A yard is a horizontal spar running out from the mast used to hold the sail in place


Rig Climb for Members

  • Up to 50% off
  • Free entry to ship
  • Priority booking
  • Restrictions apply – check T&Cs before purchase
  Regular Plus
Adult from £20 from £24
Child from £14.50 from £18.50
Student from £17 from £27
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Cutty Sark

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Adult £16
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