Cutty Sark is yours to explore, from the fantastic views from the main deck to the dark riches of the lower hold. Make the most of your day out on board.

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1. Take the helm

With the ship's wheel in your hands and the miles of rigging shivering in the breeze above your head, this is the place where dreams of setting sail come alive.

The wheel itself was restored in the run up to the opening of Cutty Sark in 1957 by a team of talented woodworkers, and the steering mechanism is one of the many original features preserved on board.

2. See the Cutty Sark figurehead

'Nannie' the witch is Cutty Sark's figurehead. Just like the ship itself, she takes her name from the Robert Burns poem Tam O'Shanter. 

In the poem, Tam the farmer is chased by a scantily-clad witch called Nannie. Nannie is dressed only in a ‘cutty sark’ - an archaic Scottish word meaning a short nightdress.

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A man and a woman walk down the main deck of Cutty Sark

3. Walk the main deck

It takes hours of work from our experienced Shipkeepers to keep the main deck looking as fresh and clean as it does. It might not always have been this way...

Pigs and chickens would be kept in pens on deck during voyages, with crew responsible for mucking them out. As for the toilets, because there was no flushing water, sailors would simply use salt water to flush everything out into the sea. Try not to think too much about that when you're admiring the view!


4. Pick up the Cutty Sark audio guide

A helpful companion wherever you are on board, the Cutty Sark audio guide is packed full of information and tales of life at sea.

5. Go on a family adventure

Cutty Sark is a fantastic day out with the kids. Explore the family friendly interactive displays and get a taste of life at sea. Who knows? You may even bump into the Captain himself...

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6. Come face to face with our fantastic figureheads

Visit the Long John Silver Figurehead collection and spot the literary, historic and political figures depicted in the world's largest Merchant Navy figurehead collection. Learn too all about the man behind the collection, and how he earned his piratical nickname...

A woman in a red cardigan stands on the deck of Cutty Sark admiring the view towards Canary Wharf

7. Enjoy the view from the deck

Enjoy stunning views across the River Thames. Look out at the London skyline, spot the landmarks spread around you and snap that all-important picture with the deck and rigging surrounding you.


8. Explore under the hull

Reach up and touch the copper hull of the ship that made Cutty Sark the fastest of its day. The Dry Dock is one of the most dramatic locations in London, with the ship hovering in mid-air above you. Oh, and did you know you can even hire this space for parties?


9. Discover the Captain’s Cabin

This is the beating heart of the ship, where decisions made that would affect the lives of everyone on board. Not every master of Cutty Sark got it right – and the consequences could be deadly...

10. Meet the Cutty Sark characters

Meet colourful characters from Cutty Sark’s past and hear astonishing stories about life at sea in the age of sail. Chat to the ship’s owner Jock Willis, the ship’s cook or meet Captain Woodget himself, Cutty Sark’s longest serving master. Who knows? He may even make you one of his crew...

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