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Night sky highlights - November 2020

27 October 2020

Discover what to see in the night sky in November 2020 including two meteor showers and the conjunction of Saturn and the Moon.

12 October 2020
By Selena Carty - BlackPoppyRose  World War I and World War II impacted the entire planet.  Yet every year, not all the narratives are represented. Regiments and battalions...

Night sky highlights - October 2020

26 September 2020
Discover what to see in the night sky in October 2020 including a selection of planets, and two meteor showers. By Patricia Skelton, Astronomy Education Officer, with...

A record of 104 library boxes supplied to steamships at Tilbury during 1891-92..jpg

21 September 2020

In this blog we take a look at a handwritten diary by the clergy of the St Andrew’s Waterside Church Mission between 1887-1905. While seamen have faced many dangers and uncertainties at sea, mission societies such as St Andrew’s have supported and cared for their welfare through religious services and the provision of books - both at sea and on land.

The front cover of the 1894 edition of Cookery for Seamen

11 September 2020

In this blog we highlight a little cookery book which provides a glimpse into the types of meals eaten at sea in the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign and which also reflects the change in status of ships’ cooks.

Venus banner.jpg

10 September 2020

While Mars may be the planet that springs to mind when there are discussions of possible alien life in our Solar System, a publication on the discovery of a rare gas (phosphine) in Venus’ atmosphere may mean that there is more than one planet that possesses the potential for life.

Avant Gardening 2020 no 2.jpg

8 September 2020

Our team at The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre were so influenced by this years Heritage Open Days theme of ‘Hidden Nature’ that they used it as inspiration for the creation of a new community garden.

The Dreadnought, 104 Guns, until recently lying off Greenwich

3 September 2020

In this blog we take a look at the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded collaborative research project titled HMS NHS: The Nautical Health Service and the importance of digital and online volunteer projects to make Archive and Library records more widely accessible to the public.

The Caird Collection of Maritime Antiquities, 1933-37 (5 vol.) at the Caird Library.jpg

24 August 2020

In this blog we look at what distinguishes archives from museums and libraries – and it’s not just about what they collect.

Night sky highlights - September 2020

24 August 2020
Discover what to see in the night sky in September 2020 including the planet Neptune and some deep sky objects. By Patricia Skelton, Astronomy Education Officer, with...