Ideas for Groups

Do you need inspiration with planning for a group day out to Greenwich? Below are our group products that you can enjoy and will guarantee to create a memorable day at Royal Museums Greenwich. 

Find out more about what you can do at each of our four sites:


Royal Observatory

Visit the home of Greenwich Mean Time, a must-see for any visitor to London. See Harrison’s clocks, stand on the Meridian Line and take in stunning views of London. Don’t forget to see the Great Equatorial Telescope, one of the largest telescopes of its kind in the world. With our free audio guide, the story of this unique London landmark will be brought to life.

Peter Harrison Planetarium

Take a tour of the universe from the comfort of your seat in London’s only Planetarium. Choose from one of our three shows, Meet the Neighbours, Moons Beyond Counting and The Sky Tonight, and let one of our live astronomers take you on a trip around the night sky.

For more information, please see our Planetarium webpage here


Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark is the world’s sole-surviving tea clipper, celebrated for her record-breaking passages around the globe. Come and experience what it was like to sail on board this much-loved national icon, and let our free audio guide immerse you into life aboard.

Cutty Sark highlights tour

Why not book a 45-minute highlights tour on board Cutty Sark? It is a great way for your group to learn about the 150 years of history of this ship and enjoy a personal show round.

Cutty Sark tea tour

Be one of the first groups to experience the History of Tea Tour, new to Cutty Sark.

Find out about the international story behind the humble cup of tea, before it became Britain’s favourite drink. Learn about the role Cutty Sark played in bringing tea to the UK and discover the influence of tea on British culture and society once it arrived.

Cutty Sark afternoon tea

Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea underneath Cutty Sark, the ship that carried tea back from China to the UK. Afternoon Tea is served under the hull of the ship in the café. Please note when enjoying our catering at Cutty Sark, entry to the ship is required due to the location of the café.All catering is operated by Benugo Ltd.


The Queen’s House

This beautiful royal villa was designed by Inigo Jones and is Britain’s first classical building and a pioneering masterpiece of 17th-century architecture. Today, it is south east London’s only art gallery, home to over 450 works of art, including the iconic Armada Portrait for Queen Elizabeth I.

The Queen’s House tour

A guided tour of the Queen’s House is the best way to understand the history of Greenwich from its use as a royal residence to today. If you have never been to Greenwich, this tour is a great way to learn why it is such a unique place.

Undressing the Tudors and Stuarts clothing demonstration

In this interactive demonstration, discover the significance of clothing worn by the Tudors and Stuarts and the importance it played within society. With our authentic, replica clothing, your group will learn how clothing was worn in the past and the fashion trends that dominated that era.


National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is the largest museum of its kind in the world. With over 2 million objects in its vast collection, visitors can spend hours here, discovering epic stories of exploration and endeavour that have shaped our world today.

Maritime Treasures tour

This tour is great for first time visitors who are looking for an introduction to the Museum’s collections. On this hour long tour, visitors will discover some of the Museum’s key highlights, including Admiral Nelson’s jacket in which he was fatally shot at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Encounters tour

Discover the National Maritime Museum’s four new galleries, with our new Encounters guided tour. From stories of human endeavour in the extreme environments of the polar worlds, to tales of ambition and piracy of the Tudor and Stuart seafarers, your group will relish this guided tour through maritime history.

Temporary Exhibitions

Royal Museums Greenwich is committed to delivering a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions, to bring a variety of world class collections to Greenwich. The National Maritime Museum hosts the annual rolling exhibition, Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year, which showcases the world's greatest space photography.

To find out more about our current and upcoming exhibitions, please visit our what’s on pages here


Visit Greenwich

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Greenwich is one of the most historically rich areas of London. From its eclectic mix of pubs and restaurants, bustling market, and its acres of greenery in Greenwich Royal Park, it makes the perfect location for your groups’ day out. Arrive in style by riverboat, or take the train from London Bridge - your unmissable adventure is just eight minutes away.

To find out more about what Greenwich has to offer, visit our Visit Greenwich webpage here


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