Research guides

Search the range of research guides produced by the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum to help you carry out your own research on a wide range of topics. The guides provide information about the Museum's collections and also signpost to other sources for research into maritime history. 

This guide outlines the museum's collection of printed books, manuscripts and artefacts relating to music and the sea.

A chronology of the Royal Hospital School including references to girls who attended the school 1805–41.

The National Maritime Museum has a number of useful guides to help you explore maritime history, including guides on the marine environment and the relationship between music and the sea.

This guide gives a brief biography of Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and outlines sources for research at the National Maritime Museum, and additional pointers for other useful resources.

This guide outlines basic sources for studying the life and achievements of James Cook. It details resources available at the National Maritime Museum and elsewhere.

An introduction to the charts, maps and atlases held at the National Maritime Museum.

This guide is a brief introduction to the museum's collection of manuscript and printed hydrography (charts), cartography (maps), written sailing directions, originally known as 'portolans', and pilot books. 

This guide outlines the Atlas Collection of bound volumes of charts, maps and sailing directions held by the Hydrography Section of the Museum.

This guide investigates the history of the mighty Spanish Armada the significance of its defeat by an English fleet in 1588 to sixteenth century Europe.

This guide will help you research famous explorers, navigators and hydrographers. It gives a brief account of their voyages and lists some of the material related to them held by the National Maritime Museum.