Research guides

Search the range of research guides produced by the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum to help you carry out your own research on a wide range of topics. The guides provide information about the Museum's collections and also signpost to other sources for research into maritime history. 

This guide will help you research people and voyages involved in Arctic and Antarctic explorations, using the National Maritime Museum considerable collections.

How to access source material on famous explorers, navigators and hydrographers including polar explorers.

This guide gives a brief outline of flags in the National Maritime Museum, followed by a list of historic foreign flags, which form a splendid part of the collection.

A brief introduction to the main books and sources of information that will help you research various types of flag.

A brief introduction to uniforms in the Museum collection, intended to help costume researchers and anyone interested in the period.

This brief guide gives a bibliography of books held in the Library and other sources of information relating to maritime medals.

Part of the Museum's collection of more than 6,000 commemoratives and gallantry awards, this guide lists 1848 General Service Medals held by the Museum.

This guide outlines the careers of the holders of the Victoria Cross held in the Museum's collection.

An introduction to the uniforms, medals and awards held at the National Maritime Museum, including records on holders of the Victoria Cross.

The National Maritime Museum holds a wide range of material relating to black and Asian sailors.