Research guides

Search the range of research guides produced by the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum to help you carry out your own research on a wide range of topics. The guides provide information about the Museum's collections and also signpost to other sources for research into maritime history. 

This guide is an introduction to papers relating to the World War Two held by the National Maritime Museum, with regard to personal papers and single documents.

This guide provides an introduction to the official record of Operation Dynamo, the mass evacuation of British troops from France in 1940 during the Second World War.

An introduction to the World War Two documents held at the National Maritime Museum, including those relating to Dunkirk.

This guide lists the shipping companies whose records, or part-records, are held by the National Maritime Collection. These are mainly business records and do not cover operations, voyages or passenger lists.

This guide is a brief introduction to the Honourable East India Company and material relating to it held by the National Maritime Museum.

Guides to exploring shipping company records, including material relating to the Honourable East India Company.

This guide outlines basic information about how to research specific passengers on ships.

This guide lists some of the National Maritime Museum’s photographic material (original photos, or photographs of plans, pictures or models) showing ships that have sailed to Australia and New Zealand.

How you can use the National Maritime Museum's collections to search for passengers who emigrated to America, New Zealand and Australia.

This guide gives a brief outline of the history of Lloyd's List, a newspaper reporting shipping movements and casualties, maritime news and other commercial information.