Astronomy Day Course: Introduction to Astrobiology

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4 August | 10.30am - 2.30pm
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
Astronomy courses

This event is now sold out. How did the Earth come to be so full of life and are we alone in the universe? Book this course to discover some ideas about the origin of life on Earth, how astronomers discover planets beyond our Solar System and how we can determine their habitability. 

Led by a Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomer, the course will cover the basics of astrobiology. It will explore what is life, what kick started it on Earth and whether life could thrive anywhere else in our Solar System. Participants will also discover how scientists can determine how habitable an exoplanet outside of our Solar System might be without having to visit these other worlds. The course will then conclude with how a detection of extra-terrestrial life could be made.

The course includes 30 minutes break for self-facilitated lunch. The course tutor is Affelia Wibisono.


Banner image: The Blue Marble, NASA