1919: The Eclipse that Transformed Physics

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Date and time: 
28 May | 6:00pm
Adult £12 | Child £6 | 10% off for 16-17 year olds
Planetarium & Astronomy Centre, Peter Harrison Planetarium
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On the centenary of one of the most significant measurements in the history of science, join Royal Observatory astronomers as they chart the voyages to test Einstein, and explore his transformative impact on modern physics. 

In this special talk, Dr. Louise Devoy (Curator of the Royal Observatory) and Tom Kerss (astronomer) will present the extraordinary story of the 1919 total solar eclipse, and how the Royal Observatory helped usher in a new age of modern physics based on the mind bending theories of Albert Einstein. You'll find out about the great Atlantic journeys of the astronomers sent to seize a remarkable astronomical opportunity, to put both Einstein and Newton to the test. The talk will also explore how this paradigm shift has influenced our daily lives, and resulted in some of the most astonishing discoveries in science.

Age: 11+