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Type Family fun
National Maritime Museum
Date and Times Saturday 6 November | Ground Floor | Group Space
Prices Free | Drop-in | 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm

Discover How to Make a Dazzle Ship

During this BSL accessible event, the whole family can join artist Christopher Sacre, and discover the extraordinary First World War story of how to hide a ship using dazzle camouflage! Inspired by the Museum collections you will enjoy lots of creative fun, making your very own dazzling camouflaged paper boats!

All ages and abilities

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Did you know...

During the First World War, the Ministry of Information asked John Everett to depict London river scenes. Everett received a permit to draw, and that summer, spent every day at the docks. What attracted him most were the ships covered in ‘dazzle painting’. Dazzle was a type of camouflage developed by the artist Norman Wilkinson in 1917, in response to the heavy losses sustained by British merchant ships to German U-boat submarines!

(Source of two dazzle boats by John Everett Picture)

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Dazzling Ships: A BSL Workshop

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