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Type Guided tours
Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre
Date and Times Thursday 3 February 2022 | 1.30pm
Prices Adults: £16 | Members: £12

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The best way to access our collection and see conservation in action is through one of our behind-the-scenes tours.

This month we have a slight twist on our behind-the-scenes experiences. On this personal and exclusive tour, our specialist guides will show you a variety of objects within our collection that have special connections to Lunar New Year.

You will come face to face with our conservation team and learn first-hand about the objects' voyage from store to display.

Discover some of the objects on the tour

From globes to maps, here are just a selection of objects that you can see on this special tour.

Chart of Port Arthur (1890s)

Chart of Port Arthur

Dating from the 1890s, this chart shows an inlet called Lüshun on the Liaotung peninsula in northeast China. The British called it ‘Port Arthur’ after the captain of a ship who visited during the Second Opium War (1856-60).

A globe of the Earth and Moon


Made by artist John Russell in 1797, this lunar globe shows the motions of the Moon and its relation to Earth. It depicts the nearside of the Moon that is visible from Earth.

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