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Essential information

Date and time: 
Saturday 2nd March | 10:00am - 10:45am
Adult: £8.00 | Child (4-15 yrs): £6.40
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Join an astronomer for a special show featuring the New Crescent Moon and the history of studying it. 

Our Astronomy and Islam Mornings are held before the predicted sighting of the next New Crescent Moon. A Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomer will guide you through the stars in our special planetarium show to help you do everything from observe the New Crescent Moon, learn how Arabic astronomers helped lay the foundation of modern astronomy, go over different tales of Arabic constellations and discover instruments built for navigation and prayer. 

After the Planetarium show, visitors are welcome to come along to a practical demonstration to learn how to sight the New Crescent Moon. Additionally, visitors will be able to extend their stay beyond the show to the historic part of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, which is included in the ticket price. 

There are three different Astronomy and Islam Mornings: an Introduction, Astronavigation and the Family Special. These shows run every quarter of the year. Below is information about each of the three Astronomy and Islam Mornings and the date of the next event.



Saturday March 3rd | 10:00am - 10:45am

This special 'Astronavigation' version of the Astronomy and Islam planetarium show will be presented by the Curator of the Royal Obsevatory Greenwich, Dr. Louise Devoy, alongside a Royal Observatory astronomer. She will use the planetarium to travel though time and around the globe to explain historic methods of navigating by the stars on long sea voyages. Louise will also explain the instruments that were built for navigation and prayer, including the kamal and astrolabe. 

Our Astronavigation show is pitched at a higher level than the other Astronomy and Islam shows and is recommended for ages 11+.



Saturday April 6th | 10:00am - 10:45am

The Introduction show of our Astronomy and Islam Mornings gives a general overview of the sky that month and ties in historical Arabic astronomers who helped form our understanding of modern astronomy. This show also focuses on the Moon, including the difficulties in defining and understanding the New Crescent phase.

Our Introduction show is recommended for ages 11+.

NOTE: Our April show will be bookable towards the end of February.



The Astronomy and Islam Family Special show highlights Arabic tales about characters and creatures that people imagined by joining together the bright stars in the sky. Find out which stars astronomers still call by their original Arabic names and what some of those stars are famous for today. The Royal Observatory astronomer will also talk about the Moon and why it seems to change shape over the course of the month.

Our Family Special show will be pitched at a family audience and is suitable for children at a younger age range. Recommended for ages 7+. 

NOTE: Dates for the next Family Special show will be announced and bookable towards the end of February.



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