Dartmouth, Baron (English) ca.1580-1673. Collection of maps of Ireland.

28 maps and plans mounted on guards. Half calf binding by Zaehnsdorf. Gold stamped on spine: Collection of Maps etc made by George 1st Baron Dartmouth. 8. Maps of Ireland and Scotland etc. 1594 - 1685. Contents: 1. Blank (binder’s sheet); 2. Blank (binder’s sheet); 3. Blank (binder’s sheet); 4. Blank (binder’s sheet); 5. [Map of the north of Ireland] [c.1600]; 6.1. [Sea chart of the north coast of Ireland] [c.1600]; 6.2 [Tralee Bay] [c.1600]; 7. Map of the North West of Ireland ‘A true description of the Northwest partes of Ireland wherin is shewed the most parte of O’Donnell’s countrye, part of Tirones part of McGuyres part of Orowercks, all the Co: of Sligo, part of McWillins and parte of the Co: of Roscommon truly collected and observed by Captaine John Baxter, finished by Baptista Boazio’ [c.1600]; 8. [Central Ireland, Dublin to Sligo] [c.1600]; 9. [Central Ireland, Dublin to Sligo] [c.1600]; 10. A Ruff Draght of Dublin Bay by Thos. Phillips [1673]; 11. The City and Suburbs of Dublin from Kilmainham to Ringsend werein the rivers, streets, lanes, alleys, churches gated &c are exactly described, 15th Nov 1673; 12. The harbour of Dublin in Ireland [1673]; 13. Blank (binder’s sheet); 14. Blank (binder’s sheet); 15. Blank (binder’s sheet); 16. A Description of Kingsale, Johannis Mansell [1649]; 17. [Map of Kingsale] 1601; 18. [Ireland south of the Shannon] [c.1585]; 19. Blank (binder’s sheet); 20. The Province of Mounster [c.1595]; 21. The Lough and Country of Fermanagh in Ireland 1594 Jhon Thomas; 22. [Ireland south of Limerick] [1590]; 23. The plat, survey and description of such lands lying in the countrie called Kerry being within the Countie of Lymbrick wch are claymd by Willm Carter [c.1588]; 24. The Description of Muskery &c. [c.1590]; 25. [Map of Ulster showing Sir John Courcie’s expedition] [1602]; 26. Blank (binder’s sheet); 27. The Province of Mounster [c.1595]; 28. Blank (binder’s sheet); 29. The description of Mogeley Shahan Lissinien Tullough Kilbeg Kilmore Kilwatermoy Tercullin Balymachonect Kilncarig Kilsenton Balinemadough Balimty Balymucky Kilmacknicholas Baliphilly Shrancally Balinetra and Culbeggen: all which do ly withint known boundes in such manner as they are here described in trew proportion and symmetry do conteyneof arable pasture wood and sortable land 22719 acres, whereof there is much barren and very bad groundes lying all all alongest upon the south side of the sayd landes adioyning to the great wast and general common called Slevovarise. 1589; 30. Blank (binder’s sheet); 31. [English attack on Spanish and Italian forces at Smerwick] [1580]; 32. Loxodromes; 33. [Leix and Offaly] [c.1590]; 34. The description of the forme & manner of oure incampment in the Lord Generalls Northeren Journey (uncoloured) [c.1600]; 35. The description of the forme & manner of oure incampment in the Lord Generalls Northen Journey (coloured) [c.1600]; 36. [View of an encampment] - unfinished copy of the above. [c.1600]; 37. The description of the forme & manner of oure incampment in the Lord Generalls Mounster Journey [c.1600]; 38. ‘The description of the castle and lands of Insheguin lying within 3 miles of Yohall on the west side thereof... [c.1590]

Object Details

ID: P/49
Collection: Charts and maps
Type: manuscript
Display location: Not on display
Date made: 1580-01-01 - 1786-12-31
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Parts: Atlases, Maps And Plans (manuscript)

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