Metal tin, with hinged lid with ring on top. Label reads "Blue pills...". Contains glass insert with tablets inside (grey spheres). Savory 1836, p. 58:
“Mercurial Pill (Blue Pill) – Is a most useful medicine in diseases connected with a diminished secretion of bile, in dyspepsia, scrofula, jaundice, syphilis, and cutaneous eruptions, and is by far the best form for the internal exhibition of mercury: where it is intended to act upon the system as an alternative, it should be administered in doses of from four to six grains; if it occasion any action on the bowels it may be conjoined with opium; in affections of the liver, such as torpidity, or want of proper action in that organ, three or five grains of the blue pill, either alone or mixed with a small proportion of compound extract of colocynth, may be taken once or twice a-week at bed-time, followed by a dose of Seidlitz powders in the morning.”

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