Young Astronomers Workshop

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Date and time: 
Weekends, 6 April - 30 June | 11.00am - 2.30pm
Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
Family fun

Drop-in workshops facilitated by Observatory Explainers mixing demonstrations with make and do activities.

Get hands-on in these short drop-in family workshops themed around space science and exploration, from the most recent discoveries about the Solar System to our latest understanding of the wider universe. Our current Young Astronomer's Workshop will help you learn more about the eight planets in our Solar System and even how to spot some of them in the night sky using just your eyes!

Our team of Observatory Explainers include those who are studying astronomy at degree or postgraduate level and can answer your burning space questions such as: How big is the Universe and why is Pluto not a planet anymore? Also if you've always wondered what it takes to become an astronomer - they are the people to ask!

Please note that this session relies on voluntary donations to continue to support the provision of materials included in the session.

Age: 7+