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Date and time: 
Wednesdays from 2 September 2020 | 6pm

Join us as we take a deep dive into the history of tattooing and maritime tattoos in the UK.

Learn about the pioneers and hear previously hidden stories, including the recollections from one of the first female tattooist. 

Discover more about sailor tattoos and their meanings. Explore social attitudes towards tattoos and tattooing in the UK, throughout its history.

Can tattoo histories tell us about our society as much as any object in a museum?

2 September 

Week 1: Perceptions and Misconceptions

9 September 

Week 2: Sailors and Symbols – maritime tattooing history

16 September 

Week 3: Hidden Histories - pioneering tattooists

23 September 

Week 4: Old to New Tattoo - conservation, new styles and tools and attitude

Speaker: Dr. Matt Lodder

Dr Matt Lodder is a Senior Lecturer in Art History and Theory, and Director of American Studies at the University of Essex. His research primarily concerns the application of art-historical methods to history of Western tattooing. Two books on tattoo history are currently in production. His latest major exhibition, 'British Tattoo Art Revealed', began at the National Maritime Museum Falmouth in March 2017 and is currently on tour nationwide through 2020.

Speaker: Dorothy Shaw

Born Dorothy Heywood in the middle of WW2 in Oldham, Lancs, Dorothy's Dad worked in the cotton mill and her Mum stayed home but made sweets, purses, handbags, and took in sewing and anything to help keep food on the table. Dot much preferred her own company, drawing, painting and reading. She moved to Blackpool in March 1953, continued with her art. In 1957 aged 15, Dot was introduced to Prince Eugene- a Tattooist from Jamaica and learned how to tattoo. She was 17 when she worked a complete season (1959) for the first time. She worked on Blackpool's Golden Mile at the front of the Montmartre Theatre. Her final season was in 1972.

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