Against Captain's Orders, 2015

The National Maritime Museum and Punchdrunk Enrichment presented the ground-breaking Against Captain’s Orders show for 6-12 year olds in 2015.

This show has now closed

'Prepare to explore. You are the crew of HMS Adventure. Together we will set sail into the uncharted.' Glan, Museum Curator

The National Maritime Museum and Punchdrunk Enrichment presented a ground-breaking show for 6-12 year olds in spring/summer 2015, taking families on a 50-minute adventure of a lifetime through the museum’s wealth of maritime history and artefacts.

About Against Captain's Orders

Starting in the twilight world of a museum collection store, the immersive experience was led by two curators. Doorways led to other times and other worlds, and life jackets were donned as visitors became part of the motley crew of HMS Adventure. Harnessing the heroics of Grace Darling, the intuition of Captain Bligh and the intellect of Sir Francis Drake, audiences lived through their very own nautical adventure. The educational experience involved problem-solving, storytelling and moments of mild peril.

With the aim of opening up the performances to audiences with disabilities, we also launched a project to help children on the autism spectrum prepare for a visit.

Against Captain’s Orders was exciting, enlightening and unconventional, and the response to the show from visitors and the media was excellent: 

What the press said

'Fun and eccentric… a Roald Dahl-like fantasy' ★★★★ Sunday Times

'Ahoy! Punchdrunk strikes gold again' ★★★★ TimeOut

'Brave young navigators… will be captivated' ★★★★★ Londonist

'You are in for a real treat… We both adored it' ★★★★★ Angels & Urchins

What the audience said

'Phenomenally good' @mrmarkroberts

'Top family stuff. You should go' @aseyeseesit

'Worth borrowing a child for' @eatmybook

About Punchdrunk

Punchdrunk has an international reputation as a ground-breaking theatre company, creating award-winning, immersive theatrical experiences. Punchdrunk Enrichment creates magical performances with and for children, young people and the wider community. 

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Against Captain’s Orders was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.