Impact, 2011 (past event)

The 2011 Royal Observatory Greenwich exhibition Impact looked at meteors, asteroids and other space debris, and their impact on our planet.

This exhibition is now closed

The exhibition Impact was held at the Royal Observatory Greenwich from 12 March to 29 August 2011.

Meteor showers and giant asteroid impacts

From meteor showers to giant asteroid impacts, the Earth is constantly bombarded by debris from space. This Royal Observatory exhibition looked at these fiery visitors and their impact on our planet, which can cause death and destruction; laying waste to vast areas and even triggering mass extinctions of plants and animals. It also explored the vital clues that asteroids and meteorites provide about the violent formation of the Solar System. 

The exhibition used spectacular images, film and interactive exhibits to explore how asteroids and comets have shaped our solar system, and what we can learn from them. It also provided the chance to see and touch real space rocks in the Royal Observatory's astronomy galleries.

Running alongside the exhibition was a programme of talks, planetarium shows and family activities.

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