The Sailor Experience | Creative Workshops with BLKBRD Collective

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Date and time: 
26 - 30 October
Cutty Sark
Family fun

The Cutty Sark crew came from all over the world and together they travelled the seven seas in search of different cargo. Exciting though this may seem, the journeys were long and arduous and loneliness and isolation were a part of the sailor experience. 

Join BLKBRD Collective in a series of creative workshops that explore the themes of memory dreams and migration. 

Together we will collectively visualise a fictional narrative of the Cutty Sark, as a vessel for importing tea from foreign lands and a vessel for exploring the dreams of a migrant sleeping in London.

A three-part workshop that re-evaluates the marginal and forgotten histories of migrants in the UK and explores the history of the Cutty Sark, in regards to its historical role in the British tea trade, and the imperial role of British ships.

Workshop 1: A View from the Cutty Sark

In this workshop, Iman Mahdy, a visual artist and member of BLKBRD collective, will show how to assemble an imagined view of from the Cutty Sark window of London in the 1880s. Here we will learn how to compose landscapes, by using tea-stained paper, layers and charcoal.


Workshop 2: All Aboard the Dreamboat

In this workshop, Sondos Mahdy, a member of BLKBRD and a sculptor, will show us how to build our own Dreamboat from modelling clay. Using basic moulding and reduction techniques, we will carve patterns on our boats. For our journeys in our dreams and for the themes.

Workshop 3: Dancing on the Shore

In this workshop, Dean, a member of the BLKBRD collective, will teach how to compose landscapes combined with a portrait of a person. With charcoal and colour chalks, we will learn how to create natural visuals using a natural process of blending colours and layering. Dean will show us how it can be a meditative and immersive journey, that can help us all understand ourselves more, and wake up the images hidden within our emotions and imagination.    

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