Learning, Living and Working at the National Maritime Museum (SEND)

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Key stage: 
SEND, Post-16
School subject: 
Careers education, Drama, Geography, History, Literacy, Maths
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This 3-part programme is designed to enrich life skills for SEND learners aged 16+. Visit the museum 3 times over 3 weeks, to explore how the museum is a place for learning, living and working.

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Museums are a great place to enrich real life skills and this programme is designed to do just that for SEND learners 16+. This mini course set over 3 sessions over 3 weeks will allow learners to experience how to use a museum to learn new things in the first session. In the second session learners will develop their ability to manage in social situation and discover; who are the right people to ask for help when in the museum. In the final week students will get the opportunity to experience working for the Museum using the social skills and knowledge they have learnt over the previous weeks.

Students will:

• explore what is in a museum

• learn how to visit a museum

• discover who works at a museum

• experience a taste of working at a museum

• develop social and communication skills

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