Franklin: Death in the ice

Sir John Franklin was was an officer in the Royal Navy and an Arctic explorer. He made three attempts to find and map the North-West Passage, dying on his last attempt, along with all 128 crewmen.

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Death in the Ice: The Shocking Story Of Franklin’s Final Expedition explored the mysterious fate of Sir John Franklin and his crew on their final expedition – a mystery that remains unsolved today. The exhibition was developed by the Canadian Museum of History (Gatineau, Canada), in partnership with Parks Canada Agency and with the National Maritime Museum, and in collaboration with the Government of Nunavut and the Inuit Heritage Trust.

On display for the first time

Franklin's expedition left England in 1845 but would never return and the disappearance of Franklin, his crew and the two ships has remained a mystery. Until now.

In 2014, the wreck of HMS Erebus was discovered off the coast of Canada, followed by the discovery of HMS Terror in 2016. As Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team brings to light the ships' contents, Death in the ice saw some of the discoveries – including personal items, clothing and components of the ships – displayed in Britain for the first time.


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