Rozanne Hawksley: War and Memory, 2014 (past event)

Rozanne Hawksley's War and Memory exhibition at the Queen's House was held to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the First World War.

This event is now closed

For the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, contemporary artist Rozanne Hawksley created a poignant and powerful interrogation of sacrifice at sea and remembrance. Rozanne's Hawksley's work explores the nature and meaning of the commemoration and memorialisation of war, considering the impact of conflict on combatants, family, friends and ultimately the nation.

'War and Memory' - held from 28 May to 16 November 2014 - examined remembrance, representation and memory in the fitting setting of the Queen’s House, which was once a school educating boys for joining the Navy.

War and Memory exhibition highlights

The installation featured new work alongside pieces from throughout Hawksley's acclaimed career. The focus of the display was a new commission, entitled Full Fathom Five, while other rooms combined objects from the museum collections with Hawksley’s pieces. Following the exhibition, we were delighted to acquire the work Seamstress and the Sea as a gift from the artist. Seamstress and the Sea refers to the artist's maternal grandmother - a widow who sewed sailor's collars for a living from the First World War until her death during World War Two.

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