War Artists at Sea (Past event)

The War Artists at Sea exhibition at the Queen’s House, Greenwich, highlighted the riches of RMG’s First and Second World War art collections.

The War Artists at Sea exhibition - which was held at the Queen's House from 15 February 2014 to 26 July 2015 - highlighted the riches of our First and Second World War art collections.

Showcasing the very best of Royal Museums Greenwich’s collection of First and Second World War art, this display included visually arresting and moving portraits, battle scenes, and depictions of everyday life during conflict. Charged with the task of revealing a ‘truth’ that went beyond the simple recording of events, official war art served the purposes of commemoration, instruction, documentation and propaganda as well as raising morale at home and at the front.

War Artists at Sea exhibition highlights

War Artists at Sea featured paintings and works on paper and consisted of a rolling programme of displays until July 2015. Artists on display included Leslie Cole, Eric Ravilious, Richard Eurich, Norman Wilkinson, Stephen Bone, William Dring, John Worsley and Charles Wheeler.

Revealed for the first time were works by John Kingsley Cook, who served in the Merchant Navy and spent time as a prisoner of war, and by the recently rediscovered artist Gladys E. Reed, who was in the Women’s Royal Naval Service in 1943–44. The exhibition also focused on new conservation work on colourful depictions of Dazzle-camouflaged ships by John Everett, and vibrant pastel portraits by William Dring.