Collection of papers belonging to Lieutenant Ian Forbes during and after Second World War.

Includes reports of Lieutenant Ian Dulley Stewart Forbes on the last fights of HMS GRASSHOPPER and STRONGHOLD, 23rd Oct 1945 and reminiscences of the above events, beginning with the sinking of PRINCE OF WALES, 10th Dec 1941, and ending with loss of STRONGHOLD, 2 March 1942. Photograph of the news clip from The Times titled HMS STRONGHOLD; Pages relating to RN Staff College Greenwich, Course No.6, 1948 - 1948 with a list of officers who attend the course covering principals of war, naval history, naval history II evolution of naval tactics, naval history III the growth of the British Empire, The Navy's place in strength; Lecture on 'The Malayan Campaign 1941 - 2', during above course, by Lieutenant Ian Forbes; The Sources of Soviet Conduct, reprinted from Foreign Affairs, July 1947; Captain's Standing Orders, HMS LOCH VAYATIE, 1949 - 50; Report of Proceedings of HMS LOCH VAYATIE 17-21 Mar 1950; Captain's Standing Orders, HMS MAENAD, Singapore, 1952 - 4 and Far East Fleet, Bridge Cards, 31 May 1952 and 22 Nov 1953.

Record Details

Item reference: ADL/Z/56; MSS/88/080.0 MSS/88/080 MS1988/080
Catalogue Section: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the Museum
Level: ITEM
Date made: 1941 - 1954
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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