Four expedition members having lunch in a tent.

Four expedition members having lunch in a canvas tent set up on shore at Cape Evans during the unloading of Terra Nova (1884) and the construction of the hut. A number of boxes, boots and a large canvas bag have been discarded to the left of the tent. The tent flaps have been tied open and the men are sitting on boxes or furs. Tryggve Gran, sitting on the right has a can opener in his hands, while Apsley Cherry-Garard (at the back of the tent) is holding food. A Coleman's Whole Meal crate is being used as a table, which has a large tin of Tate & Sons granulated sugar and other smaller tins and plates on it.

The print has a typed caption: 'Lunch in the tent. Jan 7th 1911.'

Object Details

ID: ALB1217.16
Type: Photographic print
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Ponting, Herbert George
Date made: 7 January 1911
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 119 mm x 168 mm
Parts: British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-13, covering the period 1910-11 (Photograph album)

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