Album of watercolours of the Baltic, Mediterranean, Scotland, Switzerland and Burma

Album contains forty-five items, PAI4672-PAI4716. The first item is loose at the front (and misplaced from album PAI4604): the rest (44) are stuck down to the pages and numbered sequentially by the artist.

This album covers Fanshawe's Baltic service in command of HMS 'Cossack' during the Crimean War, August 1854 - August 1855, and his brief transfer to the 'Hastings' in the Baltic and latterly at Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland, 1855-56, though on her return to England in late 1855 he was invalided ashore until rejoining the ship at Queenstown in January 1856. It also covers his command of the 'Centurion' in the Mediterranean from May 1856 to June 1858, when he was again invalided home. Also included are holiday drawings made in Scotland in 1843 and 1883, Switzerland in 1877 and 1880, and a single drawing of Moulmein, Burma, made in 1846 during his Eastern posting as Commander in the 'Cruizer', 1844-46. The whereabouts of many other drawings he certainly made on that commission, or others he may have made at other times, are not known except for those of his Pacific posting in the 'Daphne', 1848-52, which comprise album PAI4604. The loose chart of Rio de Janeiro harbour (PAI4672) in the front of the present album appears to be misplaced from that one. The page captions in both albums were added as part of their later assembly process. It is fairly clear that the dates given are generally for the subjects, not necessarily exactly when the drawings were made - though some are, or only retrospective by a few days. Old numbers on the items suggest both albums are to some degree selections, and he may have discarded some items in assembling them. [PvdM 4/10]

Object Details

ID: PAI4671
Type: Album
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Fanshawe, Edward Gennys
Date made: 1843-1883; 1843-83 1855-83
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Album: 35 x 348 x 550 mm
Parts: Album of watercolours of the Baltic, Mediterranean, Scotland, Switzerland and Burma

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