Remembrance Sunday | Contributions Recognised

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Essential information

Date and time: 
8 Nov 2020

Join Royal Museums Greenwich in partnership with Black Poppy Rose to mark the contributions of Black and African people serving in both the First and Second World War.


Changes to event: Remembrance Sunday is now only being held online due to government restrictions.

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In partnership with Black Poppy Rose we invite you to a live online event held for Remembrance Sunday. Through exploring a global narrative of history, we highlight a much needed insight into the vital contributions and sacrifices of Black and African people serving in both the First and Second World War. 


Events you can join throughout the day


12.55pm | Introduction with Keynote speaker Selena Carty – Black Poppy Rose


1:00 - 2.30pm | History and Timeline Workshop (suitable for all ages)

Join Selena Carty from Black Poppy Rose to explore the history behind the contributions made by Black & African people serving in the armed forces for Great Britain. Get involved and help produce an artwork to highlight these histories. 

This presentation/workshop will provide you with a historical timeline of events that will support your further developments and understandings around colonialism and inequality. These tools will enable an understanding to the times then and now to process why things are the way they are in the world.

Materials needed: Pens, Paper, Glue Stick


2.45 – 2.55pm | Spoken word Performance:

Watch a spoken word performance from Douggie John, entitled Second-hand War Stories. Commissioned especially for Remembrance Sunday.


3.00 – 4.30pm | Panel Discussion: Contributions Recognised

Join our panel for a discussion on why representation is not covering the narratives of all those who were involved in WW1 and WW2. How these wars impacted the Black/African communities has yet to be studied. By continuing to bring forward and unearth the information around ‘How’ Black/African communities were involved opens a wider narrative around Black Mental Health and the identities of future generations.

This talk will be chaired by Patrick Vernon OBE, British social commentator, political activist and co-author of 100 Great Black Britons

  • Selena Carty, Cultural & Ancestral Consultant & Founder of BlackPoppyRose 

  • Garry Stewart: Director of Recognize Black Heritage & Culture 

  • H Barnes: Chairperson of WAWI Project (Phonic sounds Wahwee)