Greenwich for Kids

Explore Greenwich with the kids and enjoy a day out full of fun-packed activities across three world-class attractions: Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum.

Must see for kids

Meet the crew

Meet colourful characters from Cutty Sark’s past and discover stories of life on board the fastest ship of its day.
Get to know the likes of Captain Woodget, Jock Willis and Nannie the Witch as they take you on a guided tour of the ship that made them famous. Both you and your little ones will learn more about what life was like on board the fastest tea clipper of its time, in these entertaining and educational interactive performances.  
3+ years | Tickets from £6.75 for kids | Cutty Sark  | Read moreBook now

Tour the universe in London's only planetarium

Take a seat and experience the wonders of the night sky with expert commentary from real astronomers.

Want to get to know the planets a bit beter? Get up close and personal with the stars? Are your little ones the next generation of space explorers? Our daily shows in the Peter Harrison Planetarium offer the chance for all of this, with shows suitable for all ages. From Ted's Space Adventure for toddlers, to Moons Beyond Counting for the slightly older, these shows will teach even the biggest sci-fi fan a thing or two about space.
All ages | Tickets from £4.50 for kids | Royal Observatory | Current showsBook now

Stand on the Prime Meridian Line

Stand with one foot in the west and the other in the east on the historic Prime Meridian of the World, at the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

Family standing astride the Prime Meridian Line
Get that all important photo of your little ones at this historic site, and don't forget to share your selfie #PrimeMeridian. Whilst you're at the top of the hill at the Royal Observatory be sure to enjoy the views of London, and beautiful Greenwich Park, the perfect chance to point out landmarks to your kids. 
All ages | Tickets from £7.20 for kids | Royal Observatory  | Read more  | Book now

Get hands-on

AHOY! Children's Gallery


Polar exploration, pirates and a host of other maritime themes are brought to life in this playful and immersive gallery.

Watch your little ones get hands on in this gallery with boatloads of fun activities. They'll make friends, working together to stoke the boiler of a steamship and playing in the boatyard. What's more, there's a buggy park right next to the gallery, and a lift to the Neptune Café right there, so you've all you need to let them play, and let yourself relax. 

0-7 years | Ticketed at weekends and school holidays | National Maritime Museum | Book now

Get interactive

Explore the ship’s fascinating history through games and interactive displays.

Do screen time the right way in our interactive galleries on board Cutty Sark, with plenty to touch, play on and explore. Learn what life was like on board the ship through displays, screens and games. 

All ages | Tickets from £6.75 for kids | Cutty Sark | Read moreBook now

All Hands children's gallery

It's all hands on deck in this interactive gallery. 
Explore what life is like on the high seas as you explore our ship Seahorse, foil pirates, and make dinner for a sailor. Interactive fun to keep your little seafarers busy and entertained. 
6-12 years | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

See a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite

See an object that is as old as the Earth and the Sun itself.

You're not going to want to miss the 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite, just ready and waiting inside the Astronomy Centre. With one side of the meteorite sliced away you can see what the inside of this incredibly historic object looks like. Get ready to boast in the playground the next day about seeing something truly out of this world. 

All ages | Free  | Royal Observatory | Read more

Journey across the Great Map

Explore the globe on this giant atlas. 


Explore all around the world in our interactive map, discovering countries, continents, and famous seafarers as you go. Learn about female pirates, play with giant ships and build bridges across contintents. The Great Map is located right next to the Great Map Café and Buggy Park, so you can sit down and relax with a coffee, whilst keeping an eye on your intrepid explorers.

All ages | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

Explore and learn

Astronomy centre galleries

Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, guide a space mission and see how the Universe formed from the Big Bang to now.

The perfect way to end a trip to the planetarium is a stroll round our galleries. With the Astronomy Centre Café jam-packed full of cakes just waiting to be enjoyed, there's something for everyone in our galleries, whether you're a well travelled space explorer, or taking your baby steps into the universe.  

All ages | Free | Royal Observatory | Read more

Cutty Sark Captain's cabin and bunk beds

Come aboard Cutty Sark and discover how her crew lived, where they ate, slept - and even where they went to the loo.
You don't really know a ship until you know how its crew lived their lives on board it. Clamber into the captain's bunk beds on Cutty Sark to see for yourself what it was like, as well as learning about the rest of life on board. Up on the ships deck you can also find the ship's wheel, accompanied by views across the river Thames - photo opportunity anyone? 
All ages | Tickets from £6.75 for kids | Cutty Sark |  Read moreBook now

Sea Things gallery


A new gallery with over 600 sea objects, talking sculptural busts and activities and quizzes to discover and share.


Get up close and personal with important artefacts in our Sea Things Gallery, getting hands on wih the objects on open display. From a carved whale's tooth to 55 ship models, there's no wrong way to look round this gallery celebrating our connection to the sea. With stories of adventure at every turn, you can see the sea, without even leaving London. 
All ages | Free | National Maritime Museum | Read more

Food and Drink 

The Great Map Cafe

Located right next to The Great Map at the National Maritime Museum, your little ones can run free as you enjoy a coffee. The Great Map Cafe has child friendly lunchboxes as well as hot food, salads and sandwiches. There's a separate feeding area for mothers and babies, and a buggy park too. 

Afternoon Tea at Cutty Sark 

Families are welcome at this afternoon tea under the hull of the ship. Enjoy scones, sandwiches, cakes, and of course the drink that made the ship so famous. An informal affair with plenty of room for children to explore, it's the perfect way to end your trip to Greenwich. 

Parkside Cafe and Terrace 

Located in the National Maritime Museum, the Parkside Cafe & Terrace has seating outside and inside meaning you can eat alongside great views of the park whatever the weather.