Log of the slaver-ship SANDOWN, journal kept by Samuel Gamble, slave merchant.

SANDOWN, journal kept by Samuel Gamble slave merchant. (London) See A.35 London - W. Africa - W. Indies, 1793-1794.
The 'Sandown' was a slave ship that sailed from London in April 1793, arriving at the Iles de Los off West Africa in June. Its captain, Samuel Gamble, called at Rio Nunez in Sierra Leone to buy enslaved Africans. The log provides a detailed account of trading in enslaved Africans, as well as descriptions of the African interior, its peoples and its flora and fauna. Gamble, who travelled inland, illustrated his log with a series of colour sketches, one of which shows Africans being brought to the coast at Sierra Leone by the Fulani people. After leaving Africa, Gamble set sail for Jamaica with a cargo of enslaved Africans. The voyage was beset by problems – disease was rife, and the African peoples rose up and resisted against their enslavement. The 'Sandown' eventually arrived in Jamaica where over 200 Africans were disembarked and sold.

Object Details

ID: LOG/M/21
Type: Manuscript
Display location: Not on display
Date made: 1793-01-01 - 1794-12-31; 1793-1794
People: Gamble, Samuel
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Parts: Merchant Shipping: Logs (Manuscript)

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