We are proud to work with a diverse group of catering partners who are the best in the industry.  Through their experience and knowledge of our venues they can help create an amazing culinary event that you and your guests will remember 

Blue Strawberry

Food is at the heart of what the do and their beautifully presented dishes are created with love, passion and the utmost attention to detail. Their food designers and talented chefs work tirelessly to make sure they are at the forefront of the industry, serving outstanding food and making your events truly memorable. 



020 7733 3151

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Clerkenwell Green

Their creative team thrive on helping you bring your ideas and vision to life, however unusual or out of the ordinary. They design bespoke experiences - everything from intimate dinners in private homes to beautiful weddings in country estates, galas for royalty and large-scale corporate events.



020 7729 4072

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Fizz Catering

Over 20 years Fizz have catered for over 1000 events specialising in iconic, unique, historical and truly special London venues.  Finding the perfect location and understanding what works best at each venue has created memorable successful events and an events track record that makes Fizz London’s leading unique venue specialist.



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Favour Catering (Afro- Caribbean)

Favour Catering and events are a family run business with years of experience. Their passion is to provide tasty, beautifully presented food with a commitment to excellent customer service. Over the years, they have built a reputation for bespoke catering and personal service. 



0208 2003004

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Ben Tenenblat (Kosher)

Ben Tenenblat have redefined luxury Kosher cuisine, opening up a new world of culinary possibilities for their clients. Bespoke, modern and innovative, their family-run business will take care of your event.  And yes, if you want traditional Jewish fare, they do that exceptionally too.



020 8205 0463

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James Zimmer (Kosher)

Whether it’s a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, a private party or corporate event, their dedicated team of passionate professionals can deliver your celebratory needs with style and exquisite attention to detail. At James A Zimmer they design and create events for gatherings of just 50 guests right up to 2,500-strong parties.



020 8830 8330

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Greenleaf Catering Services (Indian/Asian)

Greenleaf pride themselves on “Award Winning” catering services and outstanding quality of food, unrivalled 36 year reputation, exceptional services and a great eye for attention to detail. 



020 8574 7779

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Laguna Catering (Indian/Asian)

Laguna have an excellent reputation as a caterer par excellence by offering guests a unique service: one that’s based on trust, value and unparalleled expertise. Laguna specialise in all types of social and corporate functions in London and throughout the United Kingdom. Whatever your event, Laguna have the expertise of orchestrating your event right from the conception to the conclusion.



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Kerb (Street Food)

The way we eat is changing. At home, at work and especially out and about, people expect more from their food. When you want to impress guests at an event, you need to serve up something that’s better than good. KERB will help you do that. As the UK’s leading street food organisation, they work with the best traders in the country. 



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Moving Venue

Events are their passion, and it's the reason why they work the hours they do - to create those magical moments for clients and their guests. Whether it be an intimate dinner for ten, a conference for one thousand, or a wedding for two hundred, they have the expertise, flair and enthusiasm to offer you a stress free event experience. 



020 8691 6661

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Palette Catering

Palette is an established event management, catering and creative agency company designing bespoke experiences for private and corporate clients alike. Lead by Mark Tilley and Matthew Blythe their team of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience across their business, provide the highest level of service to private and corporate clients alike.  They strive to go beyond client’s expectations from the initial meeting to completion of your event.



020 7237 6975

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Party Ingredients

Give them a brief and they will bring your event to life - no detail is too small for their team who are resourceful and creative and make the most of your budget.  



020 7517 3500

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Payne and Gunter

London's original caterer, Since 1786 they have been the makers of English hospitality in all its quirky glory, fine venues, characterful dining and impeccable delivery. Their unique events and quality catering make for an unforgettable experience.



0330 1230 407

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Party Ingredients
James Zimmer
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