Navy Board, Lieutenants' Logs

Lieutenant's logbooks for HMS BASILISK 1759 - 1762: Lt Robert Steel 6 Apr 1760 - 4 Dec 1761; Lt Edward Katon13 Mar 1759 - 24 Aug 1759; Lt David P Cumby Dec 1761 - Feb 1762; Lt George Bourn 23 Aug 1759 - 5 Apr 1760; Lt John W Bazely 6 Feb 1762 - 17 Jul 1762

Record Details

Item reference: ADM/L/B/26
Catalogue Section: Public records: records of the central administration of the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy
Level: ITEM
Date made: 1759-01-01 - 1762-12-31
Creator: Board, Navy
Credit: © Crown copyright. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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