Diary of a voyage in the REWA by passenger Annie Elizabeth Paterson, London to Rangoon, 1892.

Diary of passenger Annie Elizabeth Paterson, voyage to Rangoon, on the British India steamer REWA, 1892. Annie Paterson describes the evening entertainments in detail, including the surgeon’s guitar solo, and what refreshments were served, noting the entire programme was supervised by the captain. Elsewhere she describes deck games such as a potatoe race; at Aden Arab boys competed to dive for a penny thrown into the water, as well as purchases in the bazaar at Calcutta. See JOD/179 for diary of a voyage on this ship but from a decade earlier 1883.

Object Details

ID: JOD/339
Type: Manuscript
Display location: Not on display
Date made: 1892
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: folder
Parts: Journals and Diaries (Manuscript)

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