Island of Mauritius

Single sheet. Ms. Scale: ca. 1:500 000 (bar). Cartographic Note: North at 263 degrees. Rhumb lines. Latitude and longitude noted. Anchorages and rocks but no soundings shown. Scale in leagues. Contents Note: The chart shows the roads and fortifications on the island, the cruising station for frigates of observation, stations for the ships of war and troop transports, and passages to the harbour at Grand Port. Accompanied by a sheet of text in which James Campbell described 'A sure plan by which the Island of Mauritius may be taken with very little trouble and a small loss of men'. The plan was to land troops at Grand Port, then travel overland and round the coast to take Port Louis.

Object Details

Type: Chart
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Campbell, James
Date made: 1804
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Caird Collection
Measurements: Drawing area 53.5 x 41cm, on sheet 56 x 44cm.
Parts: The map collection of William Wyndham Grenville, Prime Minister, 1759-1834 (Chart)

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